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Flash Player Beta 2 (Non-IE)

Downloads: 466950
File size: 2.31MB
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64
License: Freeware

Flash Player Beta 2 (Non-IE) Change Log
* 'Show Redraw Regions' draws on the entire swf even though only a part of it is changing. (1935032)
* Images render blank when scaled to specific sizes see example. (2201051)

* [FP-1050, FP-1358] Escalation - Active Directory is causing Local Shared Objects to fail when the information is saved on a network location. (2411638)
* Safari Only: File Reference upload test always results in a cancelled event. (2467129)
* Time stamp doesn't get properly set in the request using URLRequestHeader. (2200991) * FileReference.download does not return an error even it doesn't have enough space to save the file to download. (2316411)
* [FP-1585] loaderInfo Event.COMPLETE not dispatched if wmode is "transparent" or "opaque". (2345794)
* [FP-2746] Multi-domain inter-VM LocalConnection failure (2446591)

* Video freezes sometimes when using multi-bit rate streaming in conjunction with hardware video decoding. (2484960)
* Scaling of videos (fullscreen) causes blockiness or pixilation. (2486489)
* Youtube video stalls after seek backwards. (2470348)
* Calling close after calling seek without calling play first won't actually close stream. (2201102)
* Attaching and detaching Audio while publishing with record option leads to loss of data. (2216926)
* Problem in playing only audio or only video after audio video h264 streaming in same subscriber. (2217003)
* When AAC is published from FME, setting buffer from default or 0 to something else e.g. 1 causes playback stop with buffer length growing. (2296673)
* Play video then stop, remove from the display list, the CPU usage is about 2.5 - 3.8% higher then before playing the video. (2314914)
* Live mp3 playback loses audio after 20 min or so. (2341618)
* [FP-220] Video stops playing if one right clicks in the browser, even if its in a different tab. (2384290)
* Screen dimming while playing video in fullscreen mode. (1935054)
* Audio playback worsens on Mac while switching browser tabs with certain videos. (2275111)
* [FP-178] -Video.clear fails. Clears only 1 pixel when Video.smoothing = true. (2200576)
* [FP-1936] win32 microphone deadlocks on unplug active USB microphone. (2200836)

Text/Text Input:
* [FP-777] Truncation occurs on fonts using advanced anti-aliasing in TextField instances with the autoSize property set to true. (1932320)
* High memory usage when using a longer string in TextLine. (1779180)
* Text with tracking applied does not align to tab stops correctly. (1883771)
* Tracking should not visible after the last character of tcy block. (1894774)
* ElementFormat.trackingLeft and ElementFormat.trackingRight are incorrectly applied to GraphicElement. (1906889)
* Justify all lines with "Track Right" and "Track Left" leave an empty space after and before each line respectively. (1907579)
* Kinsoku Can't-Begin-Line character and Can't End-Line character. settings is ignored if a character in front or after is tcy. (1916601)
* FTE TextLine.textWidth exceeds the specified width causing horizontal scrolling problem for Gumbo TextArea. (1929381)
* [FP-836, FP-838] Player needs Unicode character input: Hindi, and Maltese characters with accents do not show up properly. (2200969)
* [FP-40, FP-501] Cannot enter Chinese characters MS IME or even the @ symbol on a German keyboard in input field on Firefox when wmode is set. (2216616)
* Arial Black is not being measured correctly when used with FTE and TCAL/TLE, etc (2216941) * [SDK-18311] Setting scrollRect or mask on a DisplayObject breaks sub-pixel font rendering. (2273704)
* Soft hyphenations don't appear in one-word text lines. (2363098)
* SWF built to use CharacterRange and new InteractiveObject methods for IME and MSAA support won't run on Flash Player 10.0.22. (2399753)
* [FP-1877] Can't input Japanese characters in text field if wmode "opaque" or "transparent" is set true except IE. (2405319)
* [FP-40] International text entry broken in Linux reports in Flash Player 9.0.48 or higher. (2201048)
* On Mac, a textInput event is fired after the users presses Command+Z. On other platforms, this event is suppressed. (1905332)
* TextLine using Bauhaus 93 font causes runtime exception. (2266418)
* Double byte characters can't be input in Firefox Mac. (2366116)
* TextField variable performance issue. (1455343)
* Key-in 80 2-byte Chinese characters with MS Pinyin IME 2003 , display as "?" on Windows XP and Vista in terms. (1639284)
* Event flash.events.IMEEvent.IME_COMPOSITION does not fire in 'test movie’ in Flash Professional when composing Chinese, even using MS Pinyin IME 3.0. (1646878)
* Arabic vocalization diacritics Tashkil are not rendered correctly. (1930910)
* TextInput is newly broken in IE8 when running flash content in any windowless mode. (1933447)
* Pressing ALT deletes selected text from a TextInput when wmod=transparent. (2200014)
* Ideographic Space AKA Full Size Double Byte Space is changed into "@" with IE7, Flash 10 and WinXP. (2257161)
* Cursor and selection behavior is incorrect around control spaces. (2273650)

* [FP-2118] FileReference.upload does not support files 0-bytes in size. (2422598)
* Can not do paste with keyboard shortcut (CMD+v) in Flash Player applications on Safari/Mac. (2472939)
* Clipboard keyboard shortcuts don't function in Safari3 and 4. (2472648)
* Flash Player now offers scroll-wheel support in browsers that support Cocoa events, such as Apple's Safari 4 browser.
* flash.trace.Trace doesn't return packages for methods in the classes which are internal. (2200893)
* rollOut not received when a hovered descendant is removed from the display list. (2344043)
* [FP-2563] Saving a SharedObject larger than 10MB always returns "SharedObject.Flush.Failed" from Local Storage increase dialog. (2449156)
* General webcam/microphone functionality not working. (2201070)
* [FP-922] mouseX, mouseY value changes on external click in Mac plug-in. (2200963)
* [FP-2009] CPU Utilization in an idle app is more than expected on Mac. (2294236)
* Objects with negative origins fall out of the tab order. (2200980)
* [FP-1034, FP-809] Flash Player can not save over files initially saved with a browser IE 7 on a clean Vista Home machine or Ultimate Vista with UAC enabled. (2217092)
* Stage-placed SimpleButton references not defined in time for frame scripts (2275212)
* [FP-1633] Full screen message is not localized in Czech.(2289525)
* [FP-2630] Capabilities.os doesn't return specific Windows 7 string, but just a generic "Windows" string instead. (2328444)
* [FP-2428] Buttons are null when navigating from frame to frame if a button contains a MovieClip. (2389049)
* Pressing a key causes a Sprite to be pinned in memory. (2302574)
* Page Down and Page Up keys do not trigger key events when testing with Safari. (2309814)
* [FP-702] PrintJob page size incorrectly returns values that include non printable margins. (2201057)
* [FP-1025] Player 10 detection failure after reboot, Vista. (1938166)

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